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Arcadia Migration

Arcadia Migration is an Australian migration agency providing the highest levels of professionalism. We provide customer-focused services at a reasonable price to clients throughout Australia and overseas.

Whatever your reason for wanting to visit or live in Australia, Arcadia Migration understands where you are coming from and will get you where you are going. We can assist with all types of visas.

International Students

International students

Do you want to study in Australia? Already here and want to change your course or university? Stop! We can help you select the right visa for the study you want to do and ensure you continue to meet your visa obligations – we will make sure you get things right!

International Graduate Students

Graduate International students

Once your student days are over, would you like to stay on and work in Australia? With over 25 years’ experience working with International students, we understand the effort you have put into your studies, and we know you are ready to launch your career and do some serious money making!

Partner Visas

Partner visas

Are you in Australia on a temporary visa, but are now in love, and want to stay with your partner? Do you need to bring your partner here, so you can be together? If you are married, de-facto, engaged or in a civil union; if you are in a same sex/gender relationship; or if you and/or your partner is transgender or gender diverse, we understand your needs.

Humanitarian Visas

Humanitarian visas

If you are an asylum seeker in Australia, and are waiting for an invitation from DIBP to apply for a TPV or SHEV, do not wait for the invitation to arrive to start the process. There is so much to consider, and we can start work before your invitation arrives. Together we will submit your best possible application.